KidKraft Majestic Mansion Wooden Dollhouse
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KidKraft Majestic Mansion Review: What you need to know

The Kidkraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse is the ultimate doll house, guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face. The Majestic Mansion oozes quality with its wooden finish and high-quality accessories.

Evie has now owned hers for a whole year and she still enjoys playing with it as much as ever. 

I can’t recommend this product enough. 

Still not sure? That’s what we’re here for! This KidKraft Majestic Mansion review will tell you all you need to know.

You can pick yours up from Amazon for around £99. 

About the Doll House (The technical stuff) 

The fully assembled dolls house comes to about four and a half feet tall. The exact measurements 132.1cm x 35.5 cm x 135.9cm – It’s huge! 

To put it into perspective, Evie needs a step to be able to see into the baby doll’s attic room, which means she’ll be able to get plenty of use out of it over the next few years. 

Because of its size, there’s easily space for more than one child to play with it side by side too.

The house comes with 34 pieces of well-crafted wooden furniture including a piano, grandfather clock, bed, bedside tables and lots more. We regularly play ‘moving house’, a simple game that involves removing all of the furniture and putting it back in its new place somewhere else in the house.

There are eight rooms are spread across four floors and perhaps most impressive of all is the working life for the dolls to move between levels. 

The house is designed for fashion dolls. It’s perfect for ‘12 inch dolls’, which is the standard Barbie or equivalent brand size. It has a real Barbie Dreamhouse feel about it, making it a great choice for little girls.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Wooden Dollhouse

Putting the KidKraft Majestic Mansion together 

Although it took a little bit of time to put together, around three hours in total (although we took our time), assembling the dolls house was nice and straightforward. 

There were numbered stickers on every separate piece and the instructions were nice and clear. 

Having somebody else to help you will make life a lot easier to hold bits together, as balancing everything can be quite tricky and you might risk causing damage if it falls over.

The dolls house comes with wall fixings and I would strongly advise you to not waste any time in fixing it to the wall. Because the house is tall, Evie has tried on a few occasions to pull herself a little higher to see the attic, which of course means that she places all her weight at the top.

That terrifies me but is easily prevented.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Build Quality 

The Kidkraft Mansion is surprisingly well-built. 

I really like how the panels are already pre-covered with nice little prints, which clearly and easily signify what each room is surprised to be – Evie’s favourite has to be the living room for sure! 

For me, what stands out on the Majestic Mansion is the great level of attention they’ve paid to the little details throughout the house.

The garage doors open and close nicely and can fit Evie’s Barbie car in it perfectly. The little pieces of wooden furniture look great; I particularly love the piano! 

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I bought the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse for Evie a year ago now and it’s been a mainstay of our playroom ever since. It’s perfect for dolls up to 12 inches, like Barbies or equivalent fashion dolls. It has a straightforward assembly process and is big enough for multiple kids to play at the same time when they’ve got friends over.

One of Evie’s favourite features is the working elevator, which allows your to take your dolls to the second floor, or the wooden garage doors that open and close to reveal a space large enough to store things like your Barbie car in the garage!

The lovely design and sturdy build quality mean that it makes for a lovely feature in the room and as a daddy, just gives me such a lovely feeling every time we go in there to play. 

For me, parenting is all about creating memories for your kids. You never know quite what will stick and what will be forgotten. 

Whether she remembers it or not as she grows up, I know that I’ll never forget the look on Evie’s face the moment she first saw the dollhouse. 

It’s something that’ll stay with me for the rest of my life. 

You can watch the moment she saw it for the first time below. 

So all-in-all, the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse is an excellent house that’s well-priced, well-made and now…well-played with. 

You can get this perfect wooden dolls house here

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Some of the common questions about the KidKraft Majestic Mansion: 

Does the dollhouse come with decorations and stickers?
Yes, every room is nicely decorated with pre-installed stickers allowing for just the right amount of customization. 

Which dolls should I use for it? 
The dollhouse is designed for 12-inch dolls like Barbies or LOLs. 

Does the dollhouse come flat-packed?
Yes, the dollhouse comes flat-packed in a box weighing 29kg and measuring 104cm x 62cm x 24cm. Assembly took a few hours.

Does the price include furniture for the dollhouse?
You’ll get 34 pieces of furniture included when you order the dollhouse, including things like a kitchen table, a bed, a cot and much more.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Accessories
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Piano


Honest Mobile Review: What’s the honest verdict?

Full disclosure: We were paid by Honest Mobile to provide a totally honest review of their mobile phone plan, warts and all. That’s exactly what we did.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might remember our review of Smol laundry and dishwasher tablets from earlier this year. In that post, we took a deep dive into the latest sustainable offering to hit the market and assessed whether it was a case of ‘clothes washing’ or ‘green washing’.

See what I did there?

Well, Honest are the newcomers on the block in the mobile phone plan space, claiming that they’re ‘reinventing mobile for you and the planet’ as the only carbon negative mobile network. They reached out and sent me one of their sims to try.

Let’s get cracking.

Who are Honest Mobile?

I don’t know about you, but when challenger banks like ‘Starling Bank’ and ‘Monzo’ came along, I couldn’t have jumped ship from my old bank, which I’d been with since I was 11, quick enough. I’ve never looked back.

Over the last decade, the banking and energy industries respectively have gone through something of a transformation, bringing together technology with a more customer-focused approach – gone are the days of sitting for hours on hold on a poorly support telephone line.

We expect better.

What’s this got to do with a mobile phone company you ask? They claim to be doing the same for the mobile phone industry.

Taking a completely mobile-first approach to, well, mobile phone plan management, they aim to put control into the hands of their users. We’ll delive into that later.

Are Honest Mobile Environmentally Friendly?

Here’s a scary statistic for you: The tech industry makes up 3.7% of all greenhouse gases, a figure which is expected to double by 2025. They reckon state that ‘by 2040 communication technology will account for 14% of the global environmental footprint’.

In my day job, I’m the Head of Marketing for a sustainable energy company that harvests the sun’s energy through solar farms and redistributes that energy into electric car charging infrastructure across the UK.

I’m passionate about creating a sustainable future for my children. Last year I wrote last year about how my family were taking active steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

I love that Honest Mobile are taken active steps to help its members take an interest in their carbon footprint.

They do this by:

  • Offseting and capturing CO2 through their investments in afforestation, biochar and direct air capture
  • Tracking your phone’s carbon footprint so you can see the positive impact you’rehaving
  • Donating 1% of your bill to reforestation projects as part of their mission to plant 1 million trees
Smartphone Carbon Footprint

Ordering your Honest Mobile SIM

The process of ordering your new SIM couldn’t be easier.

You can choose from either 30 day rolling plans or 12 month contracts which, at the time of writing this review, start from £12.15 per month.

Personally, I like the freedom of not being tied in to a contract and I use a lot of data because I share my hotspot plant with my daughter, Evie so she can stream on her iPad when we’re in the car for extended periods of time.

Honest Mobile offers a range of plans to suit your needs over 30 day rolling or 12 month contracts

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can order your free sim by dropping your email address and then some delivery information and payment details.

The process is all rather painless.

All I had to do next was download the app, which I’ll talk about later in this review.

One thing I really liked was how Honest asked me whether I’d like to transfer my phone number. Once I selected ‘Yes’, they let me easily choose when I’d like that switch to happen.

I chose to swap my number the day the SIM arrives.

Your SIM is sent first class and mine arrived a few days after I ordered it.

In fact, mine took longer than promised, but that’s because the Royal Mail deliveries in my area have been suffering a staff shortage recently due to COVID. When I checked in via the Help section of the Honest app, the response was immediate and they were super helpful…kudos.

The SIM packaging was lovely and definitely had a premium, well-thought-out feel to it.

I just popped out the SIM card and started the setup.

What’s the Honest Mobile App Like?

The Honest Mobile app is easy to find and, at the time of writing, has 4.6 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews.


The app preview screen was clear and easy to follow, putting you immediately at ease when it comes to downloading it.

I downloaded the Honest app on Apple iOS and began the registration process. It started well, the process was easy to follow and they recognised that my email address had already been registered for an account.

As I hadn’t yet set a password, I clicked to request a new one…

The process fell down a little there and although Honest told me a new code had been sent, it didn’t tell me where: Email or phone.

After an hour and a half, I received the code and was able to register my account.

Top tip: If you don’t receive your email code right away, be patient…It will come through eventually.

What’s the Honest Mobile App Like?

Before you go any further, you’ll need to download the Honest Mobile app.

The links are here:

The app is easy to find and, at the time of writing, has 4.6 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews.


The app preview screen was clear and easy to follow, putting you immediately at ease when it comes to downloading it.

I downloaded the Honest app on Apple iOS and began the registration process. It started well, the process was easy to follow and they recognised that my email address had already been registered for an account.

As I hadn’t yet set a password, I clicked to request a new one…

The process fell down a little there and although Honest told me a new code had been sent, it didn’t tell me where: Email or phone.

After an hour and a half, I received the code and was able to register my account.

Top tip: If you don’t receive your email code right away, be patient…It will come through eventually.

How Easy is Setting Up My New Sim?

The setup is incredibly easy. Once you’ve fired up the app, you’ll be guided through a few questions on porting your number (if you so choose) and then you’re good to go!

How does Honest Mobile’s pricing compare to other plans on the market?

If you’re looking for the lowest price, Honest Mobile probably isn’t it. A quick Google search showed 30 day rolling contracts with unlimited data, the equivalent to what I received from Honest Mobile, starting at just £10.00 per month with Asda Mobile.

Screenshot captured from MoneySuperMarket in December 2021

That said, you would be subject to download speed throttling. At a maximum speed of 2mbps, you’d be looking set for very basic activities like checking social media or browsing the web, but not much else.

As social media moves increasingly towards a video-first approach, you’ll find it cuts the mustard even less in 2022.

Smarty and Lebara also offered unlimited data 30 day contracts are around the £15-£16 mark too.

How do I Transfer My Phone Number?

Transferring your phone number to your new sim is super easy.

Honest talk about this on their website, but the process looks like this:

  • Order your sim card
  • Download the Honest App and transfer your number using your PAC code
  • Activate your SIM
I followed this process when my new SIM arrived. First, I texted PAC to 65705 to get my PAC number, and then all I had do to was enter the number in the Honest Mobile app.

The switchover process took about two days in total, but was incredibly easy.

What’s Honest Mobile’s Data Signal like?

Honest Mobile sits on Three’s network. I’ve been on Three’s network with other providers in the past and have always found the pretty solid in the South of the UK.

There are a few ways you can double-check what the coverage is like in your area.

The Verdict

Honest Mobile claim to be the mobile network that is ‘helping you do your bit for the planet’. Although they definitely aren’t the cheapest provider on the market, their ethics, solid network coverage and easy-to-use app offer great value for money.

Something I felt really set these guys apart from the rest was the customer service support. Response times were blisteringly quick and, when I had trouble dealing with transferring my phone number over, they had all the answers straight away.

If you’ve never looked at Honest Mobile before, I strongly recommend you give them a try. Just head to to get your sim.

Lifestyle & Adventures

Christmas is over, already.

When I was growing up, I never appreciated just how much work my mum put into making Christmas a magical experience. As children, we kind of think it all just…happens, right?

How wrong I was.

Since separating from Evie’s mum, I’ve always felt pressure to deliver a magical Christmas for my daughter.

It’s not that I view it as a competition.

I’m just mindful that I don’t want Evie to be disappointed when she comes to my house.

This year was also the first Christmas we spent with Rosie, Tilly and Liza – our first blended family Christmas.

Christmas Eve without the Kids 😢

Rosie and I have similar Christmas and New Year arrangements with our exes, which in some ways makes life a little easier.

We alternate each year, which means we’ll either have them from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day or from Christmas Day to the 27th or 28th, depending on how the days fall.

This year, Rosie and I spent Christmas Eve at our house with my step-dad, Paul. We spent the evening getting the house ready for them to come over, drinking mulled wine and watching movies.

It was lovely, but not the same.

One of the hardest times of the year as a separated parent is not putting mince pies in the evening.

That sounds daft, right?

It’s meaningful to me because, although it’s only a token gesture, represents all of that amazing build-up before the big day.

Christmas Day with the Kids 😁

Christmas Day came and the house was quiet…too quiet. We both counted the minutes until we could go and get the kids.

Off we went and amazingly, we arrived home at almost exactly the same time.

After our Christmas dinner, we started unwrapping presents.

It was chaos.

I loved it.

There’s nothing more magical than seeing the excitement on the children’s faces as they open presents.

Evie has a tendency to shout at the top of her voice what the present is as she realises, which is so cute.

The children went to bed very happy, which is what it’s all about.

Over for another year

Christmas 2021 really was such a beautiful day this year.

Our hearts are full and our house is wrecked.

The way it should be.

Merry Christmas.

Guest Posts

5 Effective Car Tips to Ensure a Safe Road Trip

Want to make sure your car is ready for its next road trip? If so, follow the five tips below to ensure everyone you take with you remains safe.

1. Lights

Check your car’s lights. This doesn’t just mean the headlamps and brake lights but the reversing light, the fog lamp and the hazard warning lights, too. You never know when you will need them.

2. Tyre Pressure

Always pump your tyres up before a long trip. You should do this every few times you refuel anyway to help make your car run more efficiently. Under-inflated tyres are bad for road handling. You will not be able to swerve properly if even one of your tyres is partially flat. Furthermore, flat tyres lose traction, especially in wet road conditions, so keep them inflated to the recommended level.

3. Wheel Alignment

Incorrectly aligned wheels cause all sorts of problems. You can drift in your lane or even lose control when you have to brake hard to avoid an object on the road. Lining them up takes a specialist, however, as it’s not something most motorists can do for themselves. If you are not sure where to go for a wheel alignment service, then you can visit Jet Wheel Tyre’s website for more advice.

4. Inspect Your Seatbelts

If there is something that prevents a seat belt from locking properly, then it is of no use and could even cause an injury to a passenger. There again, seatbelts should not be twisted or they can lock in place preventing you from getting out in an emergency. Replace any that are like this or that have frayed sections of webbing.

5. Check Your Oil

Some people never check how much oil they have in their car but it is simply not good to wait for the dashboard indicator to come on to tell you that the car needs more. Oil keeps moving components cool. In hot weather, even modern cars can overheat on longer journeys. Pull out your dipstick when the engine is cool to check the level before heading off on our road trip.

Blended Family

We moved in together!

It makes me very, very happy to write this post.

For both of us, starting a new relationship after parental separation was a big deal. There’s so much more to play for when children are involved.

Just over a year after we first introduced the children to each other and 18 months after we got together, we felt like it was time for us all to be under one roof.

The children all get on so beautifully and though so much has changed in the last 12 months, our blended family unit feels stronger than ever.

Everything clicked into place last week for me when Evie told me she wanted Rosie and the girls to move in before Christmas and that she, ‘wouldn’t let me forget it’.

It made me chuckle and it made me feel very happy indeed.

So here’s to the next step of our adventure.

Finally, my house truly feels like our home.

Mandarins in Juice
Parenting Hacks & Tips

Healthy snack hacks for little kids

As a proud father to a beautiful five year old named Evie, I see it as my responsibility to give her the best start in life that I possibly can. 

Parents often talk about the importance of spending time with our children, encouraging them to be inquisitive about the world around them – to learn through play. During the early years, their little brains are processing so much information, assimilating it so it can be applied later. 

For those little brains to work at their best, they need to be fuelled properly. That’s why providing a healthy, balanced diet for our kids is so important. Using just a few little healthy snack hacks, like Dole Mandarins in Juice, you’ll be well on your way. 

But first, what does a balanced diet look like?

The Good Stuff:

Now I’m not a nutritionist, but when it comes to my daughter, I try to give her a healthy mix of the following:

  • Fruit and vegetables: High in vitamins, minerals and fibre and great for promoting good health and digestion, as well as protecting against disease.
  • Protein: Important for so many bodily functions, including the repair and recovery of tissues in the muscles and skin, as well as hair and nails. 
  • Dairy: Helps the development of strong and healthy bones as well as a source of vitamins that help the production of red blood cells.
  • Grains: A source of nutrients including B vitamins, minerals and fibre, which helps them feel fuller for longer.

Balanced Diet Snack Hacks 

Tip #1: Keep it simple:

Evie has always absolutely loved chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes, so I always keep the fridge stocked so when she’s hungry and fancies a snack, she’s eating as healthily as possible. 

Tip #2: Get smart:

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit. Disguising vegetables in yummy meals like spaghetti bolognese or soups is a perfect way to make sure your child is getting all the nutrients they need, without the inevitable ‘brussel sprouts are gross’ battle. 

We’ve all been there, right?

Tip #3: Get delicious healthy snacks 

If your children are anything like Evie, they absolutely love anything sweet. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to keep your cupboard full of Dole Mandarins in Juice. They’re made with all natural ingredients and have no added sugar, which makes them a perfect healthy snack for any time of the day, wherever you are. Evie loves these fruit pots because they’re a tasty dessert and I love them because they’re low in calories and count towards one of her five a day. 


OK, I’ll level with you…

I tend to go through quite a few of these myself too! 

Finding Balance

Now don’t get me wrong, Evie’s diet certainly isn’t perfect. As parents, we’re under so much pressure to do everything, all the time: Work, keep on top of the house, look after the children and so much more. 

We can’t get it right all the time. In fact, I certainly don’t. 

What we can do though, is make conscious decisions to create healthy habits. Swapping out the unhealthy treats for healthy ones, like Dole Mandarins in Juice for example, is a smart choice for a healthy, happy child. 

And the end result of lots of little smart choices? A well-fuelled little brain that is primed and ready to absorb that big world around them. 

Try Dole Mandarins in Juice for just £1 using this Shopmium link: 

Liked this post? Check out Smol Review: Are they as good as they sound?

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